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This is a casting call for a paid role. Check below the “Read More” line for the actual casting call. Please help us spread the word!

Watching our own pilot, something became apparent. While our show has POC actors, all were of lighter complexion, and we hadn’t created space for actors with darker skin tones. That meant we weren’t creating a show that our whole audience could see themselves in. That didn’t sit right.

Addie is a new role that we’ve added to the show. They’re a genderqueer POC (of darker complexion). At the start of the show, Addie and Su work together. Su moves on, but their lives intersect every once in a while.

Addie has a scene early on where they’re still presenting as a man, but in subsequent scenes are living out as a genderqueer / non-binary femme. Their role in the first season is limited, but their story stretches into future seasons.

Our casting call is below the “Read More” line. Please help us spread the word! This is an important opportunity for QTPOC actors!

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Call Me By My True Name: Russian Naming Conventions


Disclaimer:  I have been requested to write a name primer for Buckynat Week.  Take my words with a grain of salt, as I am not an expert in linguistics, I haven’t been to my home country for eight years, and this year is a special milestone that marks my having spent exactly the same amount of time in America that I have in Russia (13 years).  It would be more accurate to describe me as an immigrant rather than a Russian.

However, I do take special joy in telling everyone about Russians, whether they want to hear it or not.  The tags that result from this hobby are Ask A Russian (specifically for questions), Russian Things (volunteering information no one asked for), and the catch-all I Am Filled With Russian Feelings.

You may also notice that this primer is a very cursory overview, full of generalizations, as well as some ranting.

Anyway, let’s get to the good stuff.

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Accent on De Accent


One of the most frequent critiques I see of Scarlett Johannson’s performance in Iron Man 2 is: but she didn’t do the accent. I’m not sure what the accent is, exactly, but my mind travels to Rocky and Bullwinkle-esque dimensions and I wonder, is that what people think Natasha sounds like? Take it away, Adam Hughes.


That is what (some) people think Natasha sounds like.

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As a random thought…


So in the comics Hawkeye has 80% hearing loss.

The Black Widow is Russian.

Can you imagine when they’re on a mission and something goes wrong; the police are about to arrest them and they fall back on Plan H.

Black Widow, “So remember, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English”

One year my colleagues David and Carole were preparing a skit on abuse for a conference, and they decided to perform a rehearsal for their abuser group. Afterward, the group members rapid-fired their suggestions for improving the skit, directing them mostly at David: “No, no, you don’t make excuses for why you’re home late, that puts you on the defensive, you’ve got to turn it around on her, tell her you know she’s cheating on you….. You’re staying too far away from her, David. Take a couple of steps toward her, so she’ll know that you mean business…. You’re letting her say too much. You’ve got to cut her off and stick to your points.” The counselors were struck by how aware the clients were of the kinds of tactics they use, and why they use them: In the excitement of giving feedback on the skit, the men let down their facade as “out-of-control abuser who doesn’t realize what he’s doing.

“Why Does He Do That” by Lundy Bancroft (via bajo-el-mar)

I really need to read this, Jesus.

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I haven’t finished it yet because it’s a hard book to read. It’s sooooo good, though, and resonates so much with my experiences.

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I normally dislike “remakes” of trailers but this one here for the original Star Wars trilogy re-done in Guardians of the Galaxy style is pretty fantastic.

Happy 7th birthday, Deathly Hallows!

The truth is, everyone likes to look down on someone. If your favorites are all avant-garde writers who throw in Sanskrit and German, you can look down on everyone. If your favorites are all Oprah Book Club books, you can at least look down on mystery readers. Mystery readers have sci-fi readers. Sci-fi can look down on fantasy. And yes, fantasy readers have their own snobbishness. I’ll bet this, though: in a hundred years, people will be writing a lot more dissertations on Harry Potter than on John Updike. Look, Charles Dickens wrote popular fiction. Shakespeare wrote popular fiction - until he wrote his sonnets, desperate to show the literati of his day that he was real artist. Edgar Allan Poe tied himself in knots because no one realized he was a genius. The core of the problem is how we want to define “literature”. The Latin root simply means “letters”. Those letters are either delivered - they connect with an audience - or they don’t. For some, that audience is a few thousand college professors and some critics. For others, its twenty million women desperate for romance in their lives. Those connections happen because the books successfully communicate something real about the human experience. Sure, there are trashy books that do really well, but that’s because there are trashy facets of humanity. What people value in their books - and thus what they count as literature - really tells you more about them than it does about the book.
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Marvel: Introduces Thanos.
Marvel: Confirms Thanos will appear in multi-picture deal.
Marvel: Hints at Infinity Gauntlet.
Marvel: Introduces Infinity Stones.
Marvel: Confirms Infinity Stones will appear across multiple movies as a running subplot.







Happy Black History YEAR!


loving how my old history teacher talked about them like a terrorist group

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Wow okay so for those skimming, there’s a memo up there from THE DIRECTOR OF THE FBI that sets a mission to LIE about the good things the Black Panthers were doing, spread rumors of them being terrorists, and terrorize the communities supporting them.

If you think the Black Panthers were terrorists and you’ve never heard of the community-building, it’s because there was a literal government conspiracy to make you and people 45 years ago think that way.

i’m reblogging again (bolding mine), because people need to fucking know this. especially white americans.