Here there be No Dragons

Do you love the colors of Marvel?


Check out some more awesome cosplayers, featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy and Gertrude Yorkes, from this weekend at Dragon Con!

(photos by Judy Stephens)



can the avengers fandom stop being a thing

it’s a 2 hour movie i think you’ve found and analyzed all of the homo-erotic subtext by now come on stop it you’re done


It is a actually six movies totaling nearly twelve and a half hours, plus two (soon to be three) shorts totally another about fifteen minutes, and multiple full length trade comic book tie-ins, not to mention six other movies announced (three already in production, two others with release dates), a TV show in development, and a connection to a larger universe that has been around for over sixty years. 

So even if all we did was analyze the homo-erotic subtext (which isn’t the case, we also exam daddy issues and Coulson and Tom Hiddleston) their is so much more left to be explored.



Don’t mess with Squirrel Girl, she’ll fuck you up.

Someone obviously doesn’t know the secret of the Marvel Universe in relation to Squirrel Girl.

Where to begin. First off, Squirrel Girl not only has the ability to summon and communicate with squirrels, but also has the proportional strength, speed and agility of squirrels, shape claw like nail, breath that smells like hazel nut and an ability to break the fourth wall so powerful it is only topped by Deadpool.

Second, consider what it would feel like for fifty squirrels to go running up you leg all at once. With that kind of power how could she lose?